December 29, 2007

December 28, 2007

Furby in Microwave

December 22, 2007

Reptilian News - Danica McKellar - Human Hologram

email sent to james casbolt

"Mr Warwick passed away of 'natural' causes at The YMCA St. Albans Road St. Anne's. Near Blackpool? Mr Warwick as I understand it, intended to discuss Lord Marduk. He was warned that our Annunaki King of Kings, let us say, "shies away" from this sort of unwarranted publicity.

Mr Casbolt - I urge you to take the utmost care. I have attached a photo of one of our keenest and more ggressive employees. He wears the inverted "M" with pride and he enjoys many benefits of our established rule and what is more - is a master of Electromagneto interference in 4D Hologramatic Bioplasmatics. We refer to him as "The Butcher"

A campaign is being waged to discredit you Brother James. The chipping procedure enables us to read your thoughts and understand your motivations. We can readily clone you as well - swap your 4d Hologramatic bioplasma entity with one of ours, complete with a walk-in personality— Hologramatically elegant."

its time to Wake Up

Barbara Bush Hologram

Barbara Bush Hologram - Original

is David Icke using holographic technology?

David Icke - Reptilian

Cheney Impeachment Dennis Kucinich impeachment president george w. bush

December 21, 2007

December 19, 2007

December 12, 2007

The Crippled Master

December 07, 2007

December 04, 2007

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