March 17, 2014

The Absolute Weirdest Episodes of Newhart

I have watched every single episode of Newhart. I recommend you do the same:

If you don't feel like it, here are the weirdest episodes of the show. Not the best ones but the completely insane ones that are nothing like any of the normal episodes. Characters change, the familiar walls of the inn are disintegrated and you are transported to a fever dream version of Newhart. What the hell is happening? Well, this show never really jumped the shark but its writers really had a field day messing with it.


#7: "Oh, That Morocco" (episode 70) in which Joanna accidentally joins a witches' coven.

#6: "A Midseason's Night Dream" (episode 135) where everybody lives out their dreams.

#5: "I Like You, Butt..." (episode 170) what if we made an episode that was 100% ass jokes?

#4: "Dick The Kid" (episode 93) Dick becomes a cowboy. Why wouldn't he?

#3: "Child In Charge" (episode 175) an infant inherits the local TV station.

#2: "Seein' Double" (episode 176) most of this episode is a parody of sitcoms and yes, it is really effing weird.

#1: "The Last Newhart" (episode 184) the final episode of the entire run, where it ends in a completely unexpected way and you can't believe any of this is happening to you.

March 03, 2014