December 26, 2008

A Topographical Improvisation Take 1


  1. hey i am fifteen years old, i am big into linux systems, i conduct an avant-garde duo on sundays in the park, i have a real passion for mathematics and physics, and i would like to date your daughter. attached is proof of my clean bill of health with no sexually transmitted diseases (i am saving myself until marriage but it's better safe than sorry), a list of my web clients and referrals, and a letter of recommendation from my neighbor and my grandma. i look forward to picking up janice promptly at five o'clock (my mom will be driving) and unless the chess tournament runs late, we should be home by seven pm tonight. thank you for your cooperation in regards to this matter.

  2. "We can all master rigid GUI software like FL Studio or Reason, but the music will only be made on a certain tier of intellectual capacity. In order to supersede the conventions of these programs, one must make their own software to suit their needs perfectly (as with SuperCollider or Csound or ChucK). People use things like the microKORG and FL Studio because it's easy for uninformed people to make "cool sounds" without knowing what the hell they're doing. And even if they know what they're doing, they will only be able to accomplish so much, and should rather be spending their efforts with higher-minded applications."